Truck Repairs and Auto Servicing, Katikati

Auto Servicing Katikati

Auto Servicing is our Specialty


Northern Automotive, Katikati


Northern Automotive Katikati

Truck Repairs Katikati


Truck Repairs Katikati

Auto Maintenance Katikati


Truck Repairs Katikati

















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Auto Servicing


Automotive Repairs


Cars ~ 4x4 ~ Motorhomes ~ Campervans ~ Light Trucks ~ Trailers


We provide the complete one stop service.

Car Service Katikati


Our aim is to keep you safe on the roads with trouble free motoring



 Full Service


 C.O.F. checks

 Steering and maintenance

 Wheel alignment & wheel balance

 Cooling (air conditioning)

 Power steering


 Transmission checks and servicing

We operate a fully equipped lubrication and service bay. We understand how important it is to minimize downtime and would be pleased to schedule a service for a time that suits you.



The components of engine coolants are the following:





 Ethylene or Propylene Glycol


 Corrosion Inhibitors


 Hard Water Stabilizers


 Coolant Inhibitor Stabilizers





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Truck Repairs and Auto Servicing

Northern Automotive

Truck & Tractor 2015 Ltd

Kate Wilson & Chris Wimsett

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P.O. Box 280, KATIKATI

Phone / Fax: 07-549 4401

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Auto Servicing and Truck Repairs, Katikati

Truck Repairs and Auto Servicing Katikati



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