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Power Steering Service Katikati


Feel the difference


Removing contamination from the system and replacing the old fluid with fresh will



  Improve steering response


  Extend life of components


  Condition seals and prevent leaks


  Noticeably improve steering assistance


  Reduce noise, vibration and stiffness


Power Steering Repairs Katikati


Power Steering Troubleshooting


A power steering system is designed to utilize power from the engine to assist in the force needed to steer the vehicle. When the engine is running, a multi ribbed belt is used to transfer engine power to a hydraulic fluid pump. This pump pressurizes fluid and then transfers this fluid using power steering hoses that are connected to a power steering box or rack and pinion depending on how the car is designed.


When the power steering system has malfunctioned the vehicle will be very difficult to steer. It is advised not to move a vehicle with the power steering system not operating. Any steering component malfunction can cause the vehicle to be uncontrollable.


When a malfunction occurs basic troubleshooting is required. See us Northern Automotive to check for any possible problems


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Power Steering Service Katikati

Power Steering Service Katikati